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Penguin Musume
Heart –
Original Net

Penguin Musume Heart – Original Net Animation

Number of episodes: 22
Production Studio: Picture Magic
Fansub Release Viewed: Chihiro
Likelihood of US Release: Please God, no!

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An ecchi comedy with 13 minute episodes – can I manage to stomach it for that long?


A transfer student named Sakura shows up for her first day of school still dressed in her pajamas, which resemble a fanboy’s fantasy more than actual pajamas. She’s an otaku because she loves to cosplay cute outfits. She especially loves the show “Takenoko” about a magical girl, and mistakes a girl in the class named Kujira (“whale”) for this character, which annoys her. To win her over, she challenges her classmate to a student council president election.

When the two of them end up tied, they go through some tie-breaking activities, including volleyball cosplay and water fighting in their school swimsuits, though Sakura wears a ridiculous cosplay instead. Sakura ends up the winner by accidentally voting for herself while meaning to vote for Kujira


The main points of this series seem to be as follows: Boobs, cosplay, panties, camel-toe and miscellaneous fan service having to do with moe fetishes. The main character, Sakura, seems to be blissfully unaware of the fact that the things she loves – cosplay, cat ears and all things moe – seem to excite and arouse all the men around her. She also has a knack for ending up naked, whether it’s from a clothing transformation gone awry (wardrobe malfunction!) or a costume that just doesn’t have enough fabric to contain an extremely busty young woman like her. I’ve seen fanservice ecchi comedies many times before, but the amount of gratuitousness that the creators managed to cram into such a short show is really commendable. And by commendable I mean terrible – I can’t un-see it.

To try and discuss character development would be a laughable task considering the only development Sakura probably ever did was during puberty. In this episode, we learn that she has such a thirst for anime that it nearly causes her to miss school, that she can’t dress herself properly, that she’s a complete ditz, and that she’s completely oblivious to the fact that she arouses the high school boys around her. In essence, she’s the perfect fap material for a lonely male otaku with only his computer for companionship.

There’s not much more to say here beyond the fact that this show is completely useless unless you’re a lonely man with an “itch” to scratch.


  • Um, yeah...


  • Useless, unfunny fanservice
  • Main character is incredibly obnoxious and made me want to choke a bitch

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