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Hopefully I won't feel like this after watching the whole darned thing.

This isn't an uncommon occurrence by any means, but once again a show that didn't have any interest in in the least has since blown up into one of the more popular anime of recent memory. In this case, the series is last Fall's romantic comedy, Toradora. I would normally be content to keep ignoring the series and letting its gaggle of fans fawn over it on their own. Unsurprisingly, however, the anime club I'm a part of voted the show in to be viewed this semester, so I have less of a choice in the matter than I normally would.

I could just find something else to do for that hour every week, but I figure that I should make the best of the situation and see whether or not the show lives up to its enormous hype. Each week I'm going to try and blog about the two episodes I've seen at anime club (or, if my friends find something better to do during that time, I'll try to watch them on my own before the following week). Perhaps I can get some insight into why the series is so popular across the board.

I'm not going to lie, I'm going into my viewing having seen the first couple episodes already and being very underwhelmed by them, and I'm not expecting much, but perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised. Or I'll get to rant every week, whatever works :)

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